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What is it?

SIPDHT is a collection of tools for creating and using a SIP based Distributed Hash Table. It is loosely based on P2P SIP work (draft-bryan-sipping-p2p-02) and its primary intent is to be used for supporting the specification process.

The tools are:
sipdht: for creating a node of a Distributed Hash Table
sipdhtp: for inserting a key-value pair in a Distributed Hash Table
sipdhtg: for getting the value associated with a key in a Distributed Hash Table
sipdhtq: for browsing a Distributed Hash Table

Jul 29 2006 Released version 0.2.0 with run-time loading for DHT-* headers. Sofia-SIP patching is not needed any more.
Jul 25 2006 Released version 0.1.1 with working overlay fault tolerance.
Jun 20 2006 Released version 0.0.3 with support for latest Sofia-SIP release (1.12.0).
Jun 6 2006 Mailing list is now up and running.
May 30 2006 Released version 0.0.2 with support for latest Sofia-SIP release (1.11.8).
May 23 2006 Eventually CVS decided to support us; still waiting for Mailman.
May 11 2006 Web page created and uploaded release 0.0.1; CVS still doesn't work.
In a word: "Hello, World!" ;-)

This project's CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous (pserver) CVS with the following instruction set. When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.

$ cvs login
$ cvs -z3 co sipdht

On UNIX systems, you need a working version of sofia-sip library installed. So far, it has been extensively tested with version 1.12.0.
You can get sofia-sip at
  • copy sipdht sources in a proper location
    $ cp -r sipdht* /usr/local/src/
  • move to sipdht build directory:
    $ cd /usr/local/src/sipdht
  • if you got sipdht from cvs:
    • generate proper build scripts:
      $ sh
  • configure and build:
    $ ./configure
    $ make
  • install
    $ make install
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