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NEW: SIPDHT2 is now available on a separate webpage

The primary goal of the SIPDHT project is to provide a library to be used in applications for creating and using SIP based distributed hash tables. The algorithm implemented is loosely based on P2P SIP work (draft-bryan-sipping-p2p-02) and its primary intent is to be a work bench for the specification process.

Moreover, a set of tools which use the library is provided, both as an example and for manipulating real distributed hash tables. Such tools are:

NOTE: both the project and the web site have been heavily restructured. You can find documentation about previous versions in the old site.


June 15 2007
May 5 2007
We weren't sleeping! Look what we have been doing for the last three months: SIDPHT2.
Feb 5 2007
Released libsipdht 0.7.0. Removed function sipdht_initialize_headers, the message parser is now initialized by the library itself.
Dec 12 2006
New releases with debian packages.
Nov 20 2006
Released bindings for Java (libsipdht-java 0.5.1) and Python (libsipdht-python 0.5.1).
Nov 17 2006
SIPDHT goes C++ :-) Released native C++ library and more cool bindings coming soon.
Released version 0.5.0 with support for sharing the same nta_agent among a peer and multiple clients (put/get/walk).
Nov 2 2006
Released libsipdht 0.4.0 and sipdht-tools 0.2.0 with support for message routing (vs redirection).
Oct 24 2006
Released version 0.3.1 with support for pkg-config and headers inclusion from C++ programs.
Oct 19 2006
Chat and Conference rooms have been created and are now publicly available. Detailed instruction in the Support section.
Oct 13 2006
The Revolution! SIPDHT now is libsipdht 0.3.0 and sipdht-tools 0.1.0. Ah, by the way, added documentation for algorithm and API and changed the web page too :-)
Jul 29 2006
Released version 0.2.0 with run-time loading for DHT-* headers. Sofia-SIP patching is not needed any more.
Jul 25 2006
Released version 0.1.1 with working overlay fault tolerance.
Jun 20 2006
Released version 0.0.3 with support for latest Sofia-SIP release (1.12.0).
Jun 6 2006
Mailing list is now up and running.
May 30 2006
Released version 0.0.2 with support for latest Sofia-SIP release (1.11.8).
May 23 2006
Eventually CVS decided to support us; still waiting for Mailman.
May 11 2006
Web page created and uploaded release 0.0.1; CVS still doesn't work. In a word: "Hello, World!" ;-)


SIPDHT was born in an attempt to provide running code to the P2P SIP community for making its road in IETF easier.

Initially it consisted of tools useful just for playing with toy DHTs. Then, thanks to the precious work made by Stefano, it evolved and now the main functionalities have been collected in a separate library. The old tools have been rewritten and now are useful both for testing and as esamples.

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